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An editor is a person who edits the English transcription (after it’s filtered by a grammar checker) to make sure that it’s sound. Editors work closely with translators, grammar checkers, typesetters, Karaoke subtitlers, and timers.

RAW providers
A RAW provider is a person who provides original, non-subtitled videos.

A translator is a person who translates a language to an English transcription without losing the significance of cultural context in original dialogue, and ensures that names and place names are transcribed correctly.

A translator can either work alone or in a group of a certain language.

Usually a certain group of translators splits an episode into slots for themselves to work on, e.g. an one-hour episode is split into 20 minutes per translator. Members of a group will work closely together to ensure consistency, e.g. characters’ names, vocal mannerisms, etc.

Karaoke subtitlers
A Karaoke subtitler is a person who creates text effects for theme and ending songs.

Grammar Checkers
A grammar checker is a person who checks raw transcriptions to ensure that the English translation is grammatically correct. A good grammar checker knows the difference between loose and lose, and it’s and its. 😀 Grammar checkers work closely with translators, Karaoke subtitlers and editors.

A typesetter is a person who determines which font and style – and how it – should be used for a certain situation within a video (e.g. dialogue among various characters, written characters/script, and lyrics) while ensuring that subtitles are readable and easy to follow. It’s probably one of most time-consuming positions within a sub team.

A timer is a person who syncs subtitles with audio, determining when subtitles should appear in video.

An encoder is a person who burns subtitles to video and determines the video quality.

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